Hello, everyone!

Faraz Rajput

My name is Faraz Rajput and I am a blogger and digital marketer. I love experimenting with new things in the digital world and sharing my experiences with others.

I have been blogging for over two years now, and my blog reaches more than 100,000 users every month. I am teaching the same way to my students which helped me to built a successful blog online

I also worked as a freelance writer in the initial days of blogging to gain some experience and knowledge about the industry and to learn the different ways of writing.

I started to test myself in different areas of writing and I tried email marketing, copywriting, blog post and article writing.

Through this journey I was able to understand the mindset people have in their mind when they are trying to write something online. What do your target audience want, and what would be the most effective approach to communicate with them?

I started around 7 blogs and to be honest they all were a big failure. The mistake I made is that I was not consistent enough and I was in a hurry to make money.

But the truth was, blogging takes time and requires continuous input to see desirable results.

Luckily, I did not give up and this time, I was determined to keep my promises. I stick to one niche, one audience and one approach.

Now, let’s skip the working part and jump to the results. That blog made me my first hundred dollars which gave me the motivation to start another blog and this blog was another success.

Later, I also entered the digital marketing world and tried different things like the video marketing, sales funnel and SEM.

But the main thing here is.

I was able to decode the blogging system and today I have a successful blog that helps people in the digital marketing.

I want to help you learn about the amazing things that are possible in the digital world, and hope to inspire you to achieve great things yourself.

This is all about me. I am extremely happy that you took your precious time to read this.

Thanks for being here! 

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